I Have Decided

Throwback Thursday…blog style!

Confessions of a Regenerated Heart

Confession…I’ve never really liked the hymn “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus”.

I know! <gasp>. It just sounds too simple. Too easy. I have decided. That’s it. No turning back.

But will I? I sing these words and I know…I will break every promise I make to God. I lie to myself when I say I am doing all I can. I hold back. I keep a reserve. I am keeping parts of myself from God. I have decided to follow Jesus, though none go with me I still will follow. They sound pretty but they are drastic. They require commitment and tenacity. Do I really wanna go all in like that? C’mon folks. I can’t be the only one who thinks these things.

A couple weeks ago we sang a version of this song that took my breath away and made me want to sing it over and over…

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Throwback Thursday~Poetry Edition

It’s Worth Fighting For – by Yours Truly

Posted by Angie on Monday, July 14, 2008
When I am inspired, I write. Here’s another one for you. Don’t be too harsh.
It’s worth fighting for, this concept of community.
It’s worth fighting for, this concept of faith.
It’s worth fighting for, although the cost is high.

It’s worth fighting for, although I will have to wait.
I’ve seen a life transformed
From shattered and useless to whole
I’ve seen a heart softened
From cold and distanced to restored
I’ve known a powerful God
Who leaves no work started undone
I’ve known an awesome God
Who covers my failures with his blood
It’s worth fighting for, my children will need an example
It’s worth fighting for, to see more than what eyes see
It’s worth fighting for, to cling to a vision that’s impossible
It’s worth fighting for, fight alongside me