Love Between Whitbys

Last semester, during my Intro to Poetry class, we were asked to write a sonnet. I wanted to write about marriage in honor of my anniversary. This is the product of that assignment.

Love Between Whitbys

Untried pledges made by the innocent

To stay through illnesses and poverty

To love, cherish, and protect from neglect

I will cling to you as you cling to me


Life’s pains and joys challenged loves naïve vows

Time brought awareness of love’s true contour

Love doesn’t give answers to why’s or how’s

Love pleads your word of honor to endure


When fleeing in dark times seems appealing

And silence feels safer than speaking words

When pain we encounter leaves us reeling

And there is nowhere to hide from the hurt


Push in into the pain push in to the joy

Push into the love of this girl and boy


Intro to Poetry

Confession…I’m taking classes at the local community college. It’s a very new experience. The first was a language class. The second is a writing class. I LOVE IT, so far.

It is an Intro to Poetry class and I’m learning tons about writing process. Here is my first assignment. I used an exercise to write a memory poem. This is a good memory for me. Please don’t over analyze the lack of seat belts or the irresponsibility of children running a muck in the back seat. Anyone who grew up before 1984 knows that the back seat was a fun place to be before seat belts. Just enjoy the poem for what it is…a poem.

Sunner 1979

The seats were leather

The car was big but I don’t remember the model or color

The smell of dust is the only one I can remember

The windows were always rolled down

I’m sure it was hot but what did I care at five years old

My Gramma was driving and that was an adventure to be had


Sliding to the left, sliding to the right

Gramma where are we going

Tejano music blaring as Gramma sings along

What are they singing about anyway?

Girlish giggles escape as we realize we don’t really care


Seatbelt are not a law yet so we bounce and run wild in the backseat

Squealing as we tumble over each other at each turn.

Sit down before you get hurt!

Be careful, that front seat isn’t soft on little heads

Throwback Thursday~Poetry Edition

It’s Worth Fighting For – by Yours Truly

Posted by Angie on Monday, July 14, 2008
When I am inspired, I write. Here’s another one for you. Don’t be too harsh.
It’s worth fighting for, this concept of community.
It’s worth fighting for, this concept of faith.
It’s worth fighting for, although the cost is high.

It’s worth fighting for, although I will have to wait.
I’ve seen a life transformed
From shattered and useless to whole
I’ve seen a heart softened
From cold and distanced to restored
I’ve known a powerful God
Who leaves no work started undone
I’ve known an awesome God
Who covers my failures with his blood
It’s worth fighting for, my children will need an example
It’s worth fighting for, to see more than what eyes see
It’s worth fighting for, to cling to a vision that’s impossible
It’s worth fighting for, fight alongside me

I Surrender…Again

I surrendered…again

I left my junk at your feet

I surrendered my pain

All the lies…the deceit

My heart ran back

Began sifting through my sin

Looking through the discarded rack

Silencing the warnings within

I was looking through the past

Wishing to relocate my bags

My resolve vanished fast

My treasure filthy rags

I find I am here once more

How long have you knocked at my hearts door

As I stood unsurrendered holding on to trash

And yet there You are

I run but You are never far

I surrender…again

Desperate Sinner

I found this piece this morning as I was going through my journal. I wrote it in response to 1 John 1:5-10. I almost forgot it was there. Then, I realized I didn’t share it here. I think I was too afraid of how desperate it sounded. However, as I am reading through Romans I realize, we are desperate. I am desperate. I am so in need of a God who will love me no matter what. I am in need of a God who can exchange my sin for His love. And so… I share. Enjoy!

Sin! It holds me hostage and tells me things I know aren’t true

I listen way too often when they say I can’t go home to You

I’m tired of this cycle running back and forth with sin

I want to trust the words You’ve spoken the promise of being new again

My choices & my rights become my struggle to release my pain

I thought I knew the best way to be free of it, but I’m in a hole again

I know that You are somewhere waiting for me to come back home

But thoughts of what You must think of me keep me hiding and alone

Hiding is so lonely and exhausting, oh to stand in the sun of Your love

The gospel truth and peace of knowing that your love is mind to hold

When I run far from You, You call me home each time

When I’m lost inside my sin, You heart reaches out to mine

And I’m covered in Your perfect love

There is no shame, there is no guilt

There is no reproach or told you so

No conditions to coming home again

You brush me off and love me clean

And our friendship resumes as though it never ended

And I’m covered in Your perfect love

Whole and complete in You


She’s fading though she’s fighting

She’s fighting though she’s losing

She’s losing and God is winning

God is winning but I am tired

She finds an ounce of strength to fight harder

I find courage in my God and fight back

A seemingly endless battle

With only one winner

Who will it be

Which version of me

Sin Stained & Idol Heavy

Confession…I am working again so it’s challenging to choose to blog when there are so many other things that need to be done. But! I’ve been keeping my journal again and I am so excited about that. Here’s something God gave me during my journal time. I wanted to share it with you.



What I need is You

My heart wants to hide

And re-ject what is true

Moments without you

Often turn to moments of sin

Let me come back to you

And know I’m loved again

You hold me close

You cover me

A blanket of redemption

Mixed with purity

You know me

You love me

The proof is within grasp

While I’m sin-stained and idol-heavy

Desperately in need of you