Longing for the Day with guest blogger…Johnny

Confession…I’ve been dreaming lately. Dreams that I cannot shake…dreams that I cannot ignore. The kind of dreams that stir up longings in my heart that have been there for a while. It started with an idea and has grown with each year. As it grows, my husband and I realize this is something we no longer can ignore.

I long for the day, when children are valued as treasures and not accessories.

I long for the day, when children are seen as individuals with purpose and meaning.

I long for the day, when children are trained and equipped to be men and women who impact the world for God.

I long for the day, when children are provided for and nurtured.

I long for the day, when  families, in need, have a place to go for resources.

I long for the day, when families are taught to love each other well.

I long for the day, when families, who feel alone, realize they are not.

I long for the day, when families, are whole and complete.

I hear it said many times, that one person cannot make a change.

I hear it said many times, that this is just the way the world is and trying to change it is a waste of time.

I hear it said many times, that I will get used to it.


That day is quickly approaching. There is a vision for a facility that has been given to us and the need is reaching critical mass and we cannot ignore the need any further.  In the micro view, the facility would be a gym that would be used for elementary, middle and high school kids that do not have access to a gym.  The gym will have at least 1 regulation size basketball court with volleyball capabilities as well as other sports.  The facility will be available for rent to those who need it, and to those who cannot afford it, we would be open to them as well. Schools without a gym, Homeschool co-op physical education classes, parents of pre-schoolers  needing safe place for their kids to run some of their energy off.   This would also be a resource for parents with children and those needing help/tutoring in school as well as parents in need of parenting classes and parenting skills.

The name for this facility was also given and it is:

H.I.S. Courts

H-   Honoring God

I-   Investing in families

S-  Serving the community

In the macro view, this vision will have many facilities, some with one court and some with multiple courts  beginning on the East side of Tucson. These facilities will also be available for rent by churches and  events that need large spaces.

Until that day, we are longing for the day.

Until another confession…