Graduation Post

Confession…I almost quit so many times.

This week is my last official week at community college. This Thursday, I will sit with a group of peers and be recognized for completing the required courses necessary to obtain an Associates degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration on Psychology. I will walk across a stage and shake¬† strangers hands who represent the institution of education. I will accept a rolled up piece of paper that represents the diploma that will come in the mail at a later date. I know it sounds like I’m minimizing the event, but I’m really not. I’m detailing the events that await me realizing that I almost quit. I almost cheated myself out of this experience.

You see, every semester, I wanted to quit. Every semester I told my husband that this was the last one. Yet, by the grace of God and the encouragement of my family I didn’t. Every semester, I signed up for another class and the cycle would being again. However, the last two semester have been different. What changed? Why did I stop trying to quit? Do you really want to know? Here it is. Last spring I realized that I was almost done with the required work. I realized that if I got through just a few more classes, I would be recognized for completing the required work. I didn’t even realize how close I was. Isn’t that silly? The realization gave me the focus I needed to do finish strong.

I suppose you might be thinking, “So why is she bothering us with this post?” I’m so glad you asked. It’s been my dream, since completing high school, to earn my degree. Many of life’s complications got in the way of that dream. Many of my own fears and excuses got in the way of that dream. When I finally enrolled in classes and went through the process of earning a degree, I complained and whined and wore myself out with anxiety. It wasn’t a pretty process. Sometimes, it was downright ugly! Yet, here I am…standing in this place….looking back to that place. I’m on the other side of the work…done. Degree has been earned.

Here’s the point, there are dreams you have that you are afraid to release into the light of day.¬† There are fears and excuses that keep you from even imaging how it would feel to achieve those dreams. Don’t wait for those fears and excuses to go away. They probably won’t. Start moving forward. Kick those fears and excuses aside, and navigate your way through the rubble of life.

You guys!!!!! I’m graduating! I did it! It feels good to look back at the work and feel a sense of confidence and accomplishment. I want that feeling for you too. Go get it!

Until another confession…