Winning Moments & Epic Fails

Parenting is hard for us sinners. Here’s a post from a couple of years ago. Enjoy!

Confessions of a Regenerated Heart

Confession…too often I forget to look at my kids and see their winning moments. Sometimes, I look too closely at their shortcomings and forget to tell them how they are growing and developing as human beings.

As parents, we want to make sure our kids are turning out okay. No one says it out loud, but we all feel like their behavior is a reflection of our winning moments or our epic fail moments. When our kids are in the middle of full blown fits, we often worry that onlookers are judging our competency as parents. When our kids are well behaved and using their manners, we fight the urge to take that success as our own. We NEVER say these things out loud, but we all know we are thinking it. If my kids turn out well, I will have succeeded as a parent. If my kids ends up…

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One response to “Winning Moments & Epic Fails

  1. Hello Angie, I’m Danielle and it’s nice to meet you. My friend Misty recently sent me a link to your blog as she thought you and I would relate. I can see why she said that. From reading your blog, I’d say we’re a couple of peas, the clay kind, in a pod, waiting to be molded into something tasty! Anyway, write on sister! You have something worthwhile to say and a uniquely vulnerable way of saying it. In a world of Christian teachers, I see something in you that goes beyond teaching to demonstrating by way of vulnerable sharing. Good for you and glory to God! Thanks for sharing yourself.

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