Love Between Whitbys

Last semester, during my Intro to Poetry class, we were asked to write a sonnet. I wanted to write about marriage in honor of my anniversary. This is the product of that assignment.

Love Between Whitbys

Untried pledges made by the innocent

To stay through illnesses and poverty

To love, cherish, and protect from neglect

I will cling to you as you cling to me


Life’s pains and joys challenged loves naïve vows

Time brought awareness of love’s true contour

Love doesn’t give answers to why’s or how’s

Love pleads your word of honor to endure


When fleeing in dark times seems appealing

And silence feels safer than speaking words

When pain we encounter leaves us reeling

And there is nowhere to hide from the hurt


Push in into the pain push in to the joy

Push into the love of this girl and boy


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