Family Anniversary

January 1996

January 1996

Confession…it’s our family anniversary. Today my family celebrates its 19th year. John and I were married and began our family on this day, nineteen years ago. Today’s post is dedicated to my best friend.


Nineteen years! Can you believe it? Can you believe we still love each other? I think sometimes people look at us and think that it’s always been this easy. I think they assume we were married and we’ve been in love like this all this time. Do you remember, when it wasn’t like this? Do you remember when you were married to a girl who didn’t know how to love? Do you remember when I was married to the guy who didn’t know how to trust? Those were hard years. Do you remember how we both thought it would always be that way? Do you remember how we both prayed that God would intervene somehow? Boy did He answer that prayer! I know it’s not perfect and I know that we still have so much to learn, but how much fun it has been to learn it with you. I never thought you would be my best friend. I never thought I would love you this much after all that time. Oh and thanks for the kids, because they’re awesome! I love you and I can’t believe I can finally say that I have loved you for half of my life. Happy Anniversary!


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