No More Waiting

My life ambition is to inspire people to run head long into the love of God and allow that love to transform their lives and regenerate their hearts.

I want to motivate people to believe that life can be different. I want to inspire people to dream of a life free of fear and insecurity. I want to challenge people to pursue the love of God in a life changing way. I keep waiting for a platform to arrive so I can start speaking to these issues. I keep waiting for someone to give me permission to speak, encourage, and write words of hope and truth. I keep making excuses why I need to wait to pursue my ambitions. I need to stop waiting.

This is a short post but it needs to be here so that the posts that follow will make sense. The waiting needs to stop right now and I’m a firm believer in taking steps when they are in front of you. This is a step in front of me right now that just can’t wait any longer.

You need to know that your life matters. Your seemingly small and insignificant life matters. Without you, our world would be different. I don’t know how it would be different. I honestly don’t know, but I do know that God put you here for a reason. You are on purpose. You are no accident. You are on purpose. God made you on purpose and with intention. Make a choice to believe that truth and let it change your perspective.

Until another confession…


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