Too Much…Too Little

Confession…sometimes being a woman of faith means I go to work with a good attitude on my day off.

This thought struck me a few weeks ago, as I traveled to work on a Sunday, which is typically my day to attend church with my friends in faith. I vividly remember the anger that settled in my heart on that drive. I was livid. I had even purposed to be angry all day to prove to my superiors how dedicated I was to my faith and God. Yeah, as I say read that now I realize what a ridiculous statement that is, but I really meant it at the time. Do you ever do that? Do you ever get angry with the people around you? The very same people that maybe God has called you to love on. The same people you wish would hurry up and find God so He could fix their lives. What a way to point them to Him….by being distant and cold.

I’ve learned an important lesson over the past few months. If I claim to be a woman of faith, all I do and say then become a reflection of those associated with faith. I am sad to say that I haven’t been reflecting well. I’ve been angry, withdrawn, sad, and passively hostile. God’s been talking to me about that. It’s wrong. I have many excuses, but none are good enough to make me right. I have been challenged to see those around me as people who are loved by God. It’s changing the way I behave at work. Our Pastorman challenged us with the following statement with regard to our workplace: “You’re a light that wasn’t there before”. This made me sad, because I realized the quality of light that I bring is tainted.

We, as Christians, spend too much time talking about what we don’t do and what we don’t tolerate and we spend too little time loving on those around us. We spend too little time praying for our peers. We spend too little time being interested in their lives without trying to solve all their problems. We spend too much time trying to have all the answers. We spend too much time trying to change them. We spend too little time accepting them as they are. We spend too little time remembering that we are also in need of the saving love of God which makes us all in need of a hero. We have got to remember that they are loved by God just as we are. Maybe then, we can be effective lights in our world. It’s God’s love they need, not our judgement. God invites us to be tangible examples of that life changing love to them. Are you up for the challenge?

Until another confession…


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