Intro to Poetry

Confession…I’m taking classes at the local community college. It’s a very new experience. The first was a language class. The second is a writing class. I LOVE IT, so far.

It is an Intro to Poetry class and I’m learning tons about writing process. Here is my first assignment. I used an exercise to write a memory poem. This is a good memory for me. Please don’t over analyze the lack of seat belts or the irresponsibility of children running a muck in the back seat. Anyone who grew up before 1984 knows that the back seat was a fun place to be before seat belts. Just enjoy the poem for what it is…a poem.

Sunner 1979

The seats were leather

The car was big but I don’t remember the model or color

The smell of dust is the only one I can remember

The windows were always rolled down

I’m sure it was hot but what did I care at five years old

My Gramma was driving and that was an adventure to be had


Sliding to the left, sliding to the right

Gramma where are we going

Tejano music blaring as Gramma sings along

What are they singing about anyway?

Girlish giggles escape as we realize we don’t really care


Seatbelt are not a law yet so we bounce and run wild in the backseat

Squealing as we tumble over each other at each turn.

Sit down before you get hurt!

Be careful, that front seat isn’t soft on little heads


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