The Smartest Person

There’s a difference between finding your identity in Christ and not caring what other people think about you. One fosters humility. The other fosters pride.

Confession…lately I’ve been wrestling with this truth. I used to live my life to gain the approval of others only to find that I had lost myself in people pleasing. It brought heart ache and pain. So I worked hard to turn that off in me and succeeded. Now, I care very little for what others think of me. I have believed the lie that this is a mark of confidence, but after some gut wrenching soul searching, I realize…it is plain old fashioned pride.

When I don’t care about what others think of me I begin down the slippery slope of not caring what they think at all. I slide father into believing that I am the better person, so I should not worry about their opinion of me. I pick up speed when I devalue them all together and land in a pit alone, hurt, and left only with my pride.

When I find my identity in God His opinion of me matters most. I realize that His love for me is undeserved and it overwhelms my heart. His great love humbles and inspires me. It challenges me to reach out to others an share the gift of His complete love. It shifts my lens to see others with compassion and respect. It asks me to grow and learn rather than judge and fault find. As the process happens, I find I have a community with whom to celebrate and mourn the events of life.  I am humbled at the reflection of God’s love.

I sure have so much to learn. I used to walk into a room and think “I am the smartest person here”. Now I walk into a room and think, “I am the smartest person…er… sorry Jesus, You still have lots of work to do in me”.

Until another confession…


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