Confession…I get to choose who I am going to be and what I will believe about who I am.

My whole life I’ve allowed people to tell me who I am. Broken. Dirty. Used. Abused. Addicted. Abandoned. Hurt. Lost. Fat. Ugly. Dumb. Hopeless. Unredeemable. The sad thing is, I choose to believe these things about myself. I hold onto them. I swallow them and allow them to live inside of me. Like a cancer, it eats away at my confidence, my joy, my peace, my heart, and my relationship with God and those around me. I get lost inside of my insecurities and hide from the world.

Today, in church, the speaker spoke of many things. However, he said one thing at the beginning and that is all I remember.

The cross seals my acceptance by God

That’s all I heard. My acceptance by God is sealed. I don’t have to do anything more. I don’t have to prove anything else. I don’t have to be anything else. I am loved and accepted by God and it is sealed. The cross seals this truth for me. No one can take it away from me. So, I am only what God says I am, and He says I am redeemed.

I realize this is a short post, but who cares. I am redeemed and accepted and that is sealed by the cross. This…I choose to believe. Done. End of story.

Until another confession…


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