Seasons Come, Seasons Go

Confession…I want to blog through so many things this morning.

My heart is being stretched and grown in ways I didn’t anticipate. So many of my ideas and thoughts have changed over the last two years. It’s a good thing, but it isn’t something I anticipated would happen when I returned to the world of “working for pay” people.

Here are some things I am learning. This is the only way I can share these things, without this blog being incredibly long and boring.

  • I am not my job and my job does not define me
  • There is more to life than work and a paycheck.
  • The minute I lose sight of that truth, I lose sight of the most valuable things in my life.
  • I will always choose to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, even if it costs me.
  • My heart breaks for families and children who need Jesus.
  • I want Tucson to be different because I loved Jesus in Tucson; not because I was in Tucson, but because I spent my time in Tucson loving Jesus.
  • There will be no personal glory in that goal, I will have to pursue God’s glory in that endeavor.
  • Even when you don’t think you’re making a difference, God is, and that is what really matters.
  • Living with the Gospel as the engine in your life will change the way you do things.
  • Even if you want to do things the wrong way, God will keep you on task.
  • I still choose God. It’s a hard choice and it makes everything purposeful.
  • Yes, everything.

We are at a new season in our lives. I don’t know what this season will hold, but I am confident that God will get the glory there as well.

Until another confession…


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