The Lenten Season

Confession…I am observing Lent this year. I don’t normally do it and I have had specific reasons for abstaining from the observance of Lent in the past. However, this year, I felt compelled to observe and focus on the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. I went into the time expecting to learn deep truths about Christ’s love. What I learned instead was that I am not living in the fullness of what His sacrifice provides or the depth of His love for me. Here is a list of the things I learned during the Lenten season.

  • I run away from thinking about things that make my heart sad because the emotion scares me.
  • I run away from feeling passionate about things other than my family because that emotion scares me too.
  • I run away from hard days.
  • A hard day is just a hard day. I can learn something from a hard day but sometimes, hard days just happen and they are not an indicator that I am failing God or failing in life.
  • Sometimes hard things happen and you aren’t sure why they happen. If you push through the pain you might just find out what is on the other side. Sometimes you won’t, but sometimes you will.
  • Being sad is okay. There is no reason to make the sadness go away, sadness happens. Running to God with my sadness is better than running to ANYTHING ELSE. It also has less calories and won’t cost me a cent. It might cost me some pride, but we can fit that into the budget.
  • My heart is alive again. It was dead for so long. But it’s alive again and I don’t need anything to numb me from the emotions that accompany  a heart that is alive.
  • I am wonderfully made in the image of my God.  He thinks I am beautiful because He made me.
  • My beauty isn’t found in anything about my physical appearance. My beauty is found in HIM and HIS love for me.
  • I should allow myself to ask this question more often and more boldly….WHY NOT ME?

It’s been a great season and I am so thankful for God’s love for me.


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