Happy Birthday Esaroo

ElisaConfession…I have an amazing daughter and I love watching her grow into a young woman. I haven’t always appreciated her as a person, but as the years pass, I grow to love her and appreciate her more and more.


She is quite wild.

If she had her way, we’d cut her hair incredibly short so she wouldn’t have to mess with it in the morning.

She dresses so that she can explore nature at any given moment of the day.

She loves God’s creatures …but cats make her sneeze and break out into hives (this makes her quite sad).

There isn’t anything she won’t climb.

She catches flies to feed to frogs and dogs.

She would live on Mt. Lemmon if she could (she’s tried to talk us into it many times).

She wants to barrel race (we’ve recently started lessons to help facilitate this dream).

Her laugh is contagious.

Her tears are heartbreaking.

She loves completely. There is no halfway about her (except maybe when it comes to picking up dog poo).

She’s quick to forgive and repent.

She believes in a God who can do anything.

My girl. I think she is quite a lady. I know she isn’t the traditional lady, but she is more feminine and delicate than people believe. She has things to do and places to see and dreams to explore. I love her tenacity and passion for life. She inspires me everyday to live with abandon and fearlessness. I am blessed to call her daughter and quite thankful that God gave me the gift of Esaroo. Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl!


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