Goal Setting & Assessments? Yikes!

Confession…I hate taking time to plan for myself. I like to plan meals.  I like to plan events.  I like to plan lots of things, but when it comes to planning out my own day and how I will use it to be most efficient and effective, I procrastinate.

So, this year I purposed to plan out my personal growth, if you will, for the year. It took me a week to do. I didn’t like it at all. You see, it isn’t that I don’t want to grow, I do. I don’t like to set goals. Goals for me are serious. If I set a goal, I need to achieve it or something horrible will happen. What horrible thing will happen? I don’t know. I don’t want to find out. So I don’t set goals and I don’t try to achieve anything. This helps me to avoid the horrible thing that will happen. I realize, as I articulate this in writing, my logic is completely ridiculous! Aren’t you glad I didn’t give in to this thinking this year? I am.

So, I took a week in January and set some goals. It is now March and time for me to assess myself. How am I doing with my goals? How am I progressing? The truth is, I am doing ok. I am making progress in five of my seven areas. The other two of my areas…well let’s just focus on the five I am doing well.  Shhhh……Does anyone hear the horrible thing approaching? The funny thing is, nothing horrible is happening because I am not progressing in two areas. It just means I am human and I need to keep aiming for my goal.

My tendency would be to quit trying in all seven areas. I want to throw up my hands and take on an ‘Oh well” mentality. “Oh well, I couldn’t do it”. “Oh well, I am failing in two areas”. “Oh well, I must be a failure”. “Oh well, that must mean I should quit”. NO! It just means I made progress in some areas, but not all. I should keep trying. I should keep moving forward. I should not quit. I should keep going! I will. I will.

Here’s glimpse into what I did in case I’ve inspired you, in any way, to set goals too.

  • I asked myself: In what areas do you want to grow?
  • I listed seven areas & then put them in order of importance. (I read somewhere that seven is a good number and not to go over that number of goals.)
  • I then asked myself: How will you accomplish this?
  • I used the SMART Goals method to answer the how question.
  • I then went through my calendar and set aside time for each of my goals
  • Each month I look over my list and ask myself how I’m progressing.

As I said before, I have some areas that still need work, but I am growing and reaching some goals on a consistent basis. It’s a good feeling to know that God is teaching me and growing me in areas that I’ve long needed to develop. Thanks for being a part of my monthly assessment.

Until another confession…


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