Throwback Thursday

Confessions of a Regenerated Heart

Confession…I still choose God. I’m a little nervous about it after last week but I still choose God.

I’m not going to lie, last week was rough. I felt like every aspect of my personality and person was challenged…INTENSELY! I spent the bulk of the week NOT WANTING to be me. There were many moments I wanted to hide and a few moments when I gave into that desire. BUT GOD.

See friends, BUT GOD changes everything. Anytime you see those two words together in the Bible you know help is on the way. BUT GOD remembered, BUT GOD came, BUT GOD will be with you, BUT GOD knows, BUT GOD! He changes everything.

Most people hear that and think God changes everything so it’s easy and palatable, but that isn’t what He changes. He changes ME.  He changes the things I want, the things I believe, the things I…

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