Living With The End in Mind

Confession….one of the hardest things for me to do is to live with end in mind. Living my life, in such a way, that I reach the finish line with my goals accomplished is something I wrestle with daily.

A few years back, John and I heard about this concept of reverse engineering a life. In essence, what it means is to look at the end of your life and decide what you want to have accomplished. What do you want to have said about your life? What legacy will you leave behind? What will you have given your life to? Do you have a goal for your life? I am not talking about your career. I’m talking about your faith. What will people say you stood for? At your funeral, what will people say about your life? Once you decide that, you begin reverse engineering your decisions so that you can get to that point. You start at the end and begin asking yourself “What decisions do I need to make to get to that point?”

I know it sounds a little morbid to look at the end of a life and in essence, imagine your funeral and what people will say of your life, but it is a good way to focus yourself. I want people to stand at my funeral and say that they knew there was a God because of the way He showed up my life again and again and again. I want my life to inspire people to run headlong into the love of God knowing He can make something of the devastated lives in which they find themselves. I want people to know that God was the focal point of my life. I people to find God because they watched His love radically change my life.

That is my life goal. So, when I come up against things in my day and I want to indulge in my flesh desires I have to weight my desire against my life goal. Does focusing on this get me to my goal? If the answer is no, then there can be no room for it in my life. Sometimes, I try hard to make things that will not get me to my goal fit into my life and chaos usually follows. However, when I weight my decisions against my goal, it eliminates many options and helps to make many decisions for me.

I’ve not mastered this AT ALL! I often wrestle with this concept. I often ask myself if I really want to reach my goal. I find I am often distracted from my goal at work, in my daily chores, moving about my life routine. It’s easy to get caught up in little things that ultimately don’t matter. It’s easy to get worked up about things that don’t have lasting impact. It’s easy, but it isn’t going to get me to the end having achieved my goal. So, I am learning a whole new level of focus during this season of my life. It isn’t my favorite, but is a good lesson. I fail daily. Anyone who works with me, knows this is true, but I wake up each morning and set my heart to try again.

What are your goals? What are you living for? What will people say was important to you? Don’t you think it’s time you set some goals?

Until another confession…


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