Read Your Bible

Confession..I am a mess without my quiet time. When I am not in the Bible, reading and struggling with its contents, I am lost and insecure. God’s Word grounds and focuses me. I need that time, in the morning, to reset my compass and put God at the center of my life.

We’ve been doing a series at Revolution called Beautiful. It’s focused on women and the men that pursue them. It is a great series and if you haven’t heard it click the link above and listen. This is good stuff people.

As I was listening to Pastorman and the amazing Pastorman’s wife speak on letting go of the past, I began to remember the first steps of my journey towards freedom. Katie shared that we, as those wishing to be free from the bondage of our past, need to get into the word and replace the lies we believe with God’s truth. So true! The simple act of picking up our Bible and reading it gets dismissed too often in our days. We get busy, we get distracted and forget to do the one single thing that can lead us to freedom. Insanity! I’m serious folks…INSANITY! We need to be reading! As people of faith, we cannot get free without God’s word. It can’t happen. It was only when I began to run to God to get free from my past and as I began to read His Word, that I began to find true freedom.  I am going to share with you 3 reasons you need to read your Bible to get free from your past, because we all need reasons…right?

#1 You learn what God says about who He is. I dare you to read any part of the Bible and NOT find out who He is. Go ahead, try it.

#2 You learn what God says about who you are in relation to Him. Find at least three things His word says about you, that you don’t believe, and hold on to those truths when you are tempted to entertain lies.

#3 You begin to get familiar with His person and His voice. As you read through the accounts of the Bible you will begin to see His character and His person. You will get familiar with Him. If you are going to let someone free you, you need to be confident that He is in the business of freeing people.

So, read your Bible fellow people of faith. If you are not a faith claimer, then read it anyway. It’s good stuff.

Until the next confession…




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