Thank You For Coming Home

Confession…I am so thankful for my husband. I love being married to him. He’s a good man. He loves God and he loves his wife and his kids. Everyday that he returns to the school to pick us up at the end of the day proves it.

Now, to some of you I realize that sounds like a minor reason for which to be thankful, but it really is a huge deal. Knowing I can count on my husband to come home at the end of the day is a big deal to me. It is such a big deal that, a while back, I began thanking him for coming home. I would simply say “Thank you for  coming home today.” At first, he would say “your welcome”, but after a few times, I could tell he was getting a little curious as to why I was thanking him for something so basic. He finally asked, “Why are you thanking me?” This was my response to him.

“Not all daddies come home at the end of the day. Sometimes, daddies give up on the job. Sometimes, they decide it is too hard and they keep on driving. Sometimes, they just walk out or leave. Sometimes, they believe the lie that they are not good enough or that everyone else would be better without them.

“I know it is not always easy to come home when you know that crying kids, a grumpy mommy, and the possibility that dinner isn’t waiting because it was all Mom could do to keep the kids alive today. I know what it means to have my daddy not come home at the end of the day. I know the impact that has had on my life. So, thank you for making the choice to come home every day. Thank you for fighting the lies you must face. Thank you for helping to create a home where the kids won’t know what that feels like.”

It’s a big deal, coming home. Don’t forget to thank the daddy in your life for coming home. It may seem like a simple act. It may seem a basic behavior, but it isn’t. It is a HUGE deal. Thank you to all the daddy’s who come home at the end of the night. Thank you for helping with the dishes. Thank you for helping with the baths. Thank for helping with bed time. Thank you for holding the crying child and thank you for being able to instantly get them to stop crying even though we’ve been trying all day and it’s a little annoying that now they’ve stopped as soon as you walk in! Thank you for choosing to fight for your families. Thank you for choosing to believe that you are valuable to your family. Thank you for choosing NOT to believe the lie that your family would be better with out you. Keep up the good work.

Until another confession…


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