Happy Anniversary Johnny!

Confession…IT’S MY ANNIVERSARY! I’ve been married to my sweet husband for 18 years. I love him and he is my best friend.

I’ve got to do this today because he will beat himself up for not getting me anything for our anniversary and I cannot have that happen. So, I need to brag on him for just a second.


  • 5 minutes at any point in the day to be alone or find a quite place to hide.
  • A glass of water at any time I ask for it.
  • A ride to work, he’s good company and it keeps me from being late, and I hate morning traffic.
  • The first hug when we get home.
  • A hug, for as long as I want because he knows it’s therapeutic.
  • No dish-washing duty! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that!
  • Breakfast

Oh gees, I would go on and on but time is short and I need to get ready for work, but you get the point. He is an example of God’s love to me. If I base my idea of God’s love for me on how my husband treats me,then I have a freaking amazing God who loves me so incredibly. That is one gift, for which I can never say enough thank you’s. I love you Johnny and I am so proud to be your wife! Happy Anniversary.

Until another confession…


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