Season of Casting Cares

Confession…I often get way too worked up about things that are beyond my control. I want so badly to control and exert my power on those things around me that don’t seem to be working well. I honestly don’t believe I am sinning by wanting to improve things around me, but I do believe that I am sinning by not being able to keep a gospel centered attitude in the process.

Today I had such an experience.  I had one of those moments when things just seemed to be spiraling out of control very quickly and I was going right down the spiral with every single one of those things. Looking back, I can be objective and say that things were not spiraling out of control. I can look back and say that things were actually okay. It was all okay. It wasn’t what I wanted but it was okay. I wish I had behaved as though it was going to be okay. I know I didn’t. <sigh>

I am in the season of learning to cast my cares on Him. I’m looking at a lot of transition right now and I tend to want to just complain and whine and fuss and fret until I am  physically sick and my stomach in knots. I think I’m missing the element of peace that God has promised. I think I’m missing the element of casting my cares on HIM! I kinda remember those two go together right?

There really isn’t any resolution to this post. I am going to keep casting my cares on Him. I am probably going to go back for them. But I thought maybe, just maybe, if I confess my sin I will move closer the freedom God promises.

Until another confession…


One response to “Season of Casting Cares

  1. I’m really struggling to cast my cares on Him as well. I’m not sure why I find it difficult. I think it has something to do with my thinking that my cares aren’t important enough or big enough for Him. How silly that is, when I am repeatedly told that He loves everything about me. Thank you for putting words to what I am feeling. Peace to you, friend.

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