Holiday Musings

Confession…we get very nostalgic during the holiday season. We scan over the year’s events and look for signs of growth. We point out the places God has been faithful and smile at the way we doubted that faithfulness. We look at the way our children have grown and developed and matured both physically and spiritually.

As we look back over this year, we realize so much has happened. This was our first year in a new house. This was the first year I was a full time working mom. John’s work situation was a great exercise in flexibility. We wrestled with the kid’s education. We made the move to being a one car family. Add that to the normal chaos that goes with a family and you have a year ripe with opportunities to grow. And grow we did. It was difficult and challenging, but we are so glad we took advantage of the opportunities.

As we go into the remainder of the holiday season, we are reminded of how blessed we are. We are blessed with an amazing family. We are blessed with a fantastic church community. Our Missional Community has been a blessing and joy to our hearts. God has been faithful. God has been good. He never fails us. He has kept us close to His heart. There are times we want to run far, but He knows our heart and holds on tight. I am so thankful for that.

I pray that you are able to look back over the year and see God’s goodness…it is there. Often, when it looks as though there is nothing good to see, there is some good to be found. Look hard friends. It might be hiding behind hurt, but it is there. Enjoy your holidays with people who love you and people whom you love. Don’t be alone. There is no need for that. It might require you to go outside your comfort zone. It might require you to open yourself up to those you would rather shut out because of your fear. Be uncomfortable, and go be with those people who love you.

Remember, Christ was born, so that He could die, so that you could be FREE. Live in that freedom!


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