A Work Worth Doing

Confession…my heart is heavy for mommies this morning.

I can’t tell you why I am thinking of all the mommies I know this morning. I can’t tell you why I am praying for you all. I can’t tell you what happened last night or yesterday or even this morning to put you on my heart, but I’m praying for you. I’m praying focus, energy, and renewed passion for this wonderfully exhausting and amazing work of love.

It’s 5:30am and some of you are being awoken by little voices beckoning to you from cribs and beds. Some little voices have made their way to your room and are awakening you with their pudgy little fingers, or if yours are like mine were, their entire little bodies. You are most likely praying for strength, endurance, and a long nap later today. That was always my prayer. You can do it!

My heart prays for those mommies who are tired, weary, and taking one minute at a time with little ones who have more energy than is humanly possible, because a moment is all you can handle. It’s easy to forget that you are exactly where you belong, when you’re sleep deprived and  haven’t seen a shower in so long you forgot that showers can happen every day. You’re gonna make it!

My hearts prays for those moms who have older children who are becoming independent and headstrong. My heart prays for those moms who are waiting to see what choices their children make and waiting to see what God will do with their teens. My heart prays for those moms who are praying over children who are finding their way back to God and keep getting lost on the way home.  My heart aches with those moms who weep tears of frustration and love all in the same moment. God is going to be faithful!

As mommies, we have a job that demands our heart stay close to God so we can serve Him and His children well. It’s hard! BUT the work you are doing is valuable and it is a blessing. Do not get weary! God won’t let you down.


You are loving on your children so you can be an example of God’s love to them.

You are praying for your children because ultimately they belong to God and He has the details of their lives already worked out, so you can trust Him!

God is using you to  build foundations on which they will later build lives.

You can do this! You are not alone! God has promised never to leave you or forsake you!

From one mommy to another…this work is so worth it! We can do it!

Until another confession…


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