Teach Them to Fight

Confession…my son has learning issues and I don’t always know what to do to help him.

I realize I am the only person who is shocked by this information, but I really am shocked that I struggle to know what I should do to help him.  I dreamed of being a mom when I was young. I wanted to get married and have babies and teach them and be the mom who helps with homework and makes cookies and carpools. I never imagined I would have a son born with brain complications who would need surgery which would alter the way his brain grows. I never imagined that I would struggle to learn how to help him and work with him. I never imagined that one day he would fight feelings of blame aimed at me because of these things. I never imagined that things would not go the way I wanted them to go. I never imagined that I would not have all the answers. I realize it is quite presumptuous of me to think I would have all the answers but you tell me you don’t have the same struggles and then we can talk.

It’s hard. The video I posted above is one that I watched and always saw myself as the child being challenged by the parent. Where is your fight Angie? Don’t let people dictate who you are! Only God has the final word on what the end of your story is! Today I watched this video and wept as I became the parent challenging the child to fight. The parent challenging my child not to believe the lies that attack his young heart. I and E it isn’t how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward in the strength of the God who loves you and has called you to His family! Fight kids! Fight against the lies! Fight against the desire to give up and quit. Fight!

And then it hits me, like a light being flicked on in a dark room, WE must teach them to fight. Of course! (can you hear my duh moment happening?) Another layer of passing our faith down to our children peels back and reveals the next steps for us as parents. I must admit I do not feel equipped or qualified for this task, but I have a God who is bigger than I will ever be and HE knows how this will get accomplished. Time to press into Him and find out what my role is and then be obedient. Easier said than done for this stubborn sinner. Prayers appreciated.

Until another confession…


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