Too Tame

Confession…I have grown tame in my faith and it makes me sad.

There was a day I believed I could do anything for God. There was no limit to what He was allowed to do with me. As I age and accumulate more things I stand to lose, I find I cringe at even the thought of certain places God might call me to.  When did that happen?! What happened to the girl who jumped off of swing sets, flipped backwards off the monkey bars, and hung upside down from a tree just to see what it felt like to have the blood rush to my head.

It has always been my dream to write. You all know that, but recently I’ve really been feeling the drive to write something for children. The gospel pertains to them and the stories I hear of the patriarchs are a little one sided in my opinion. My good friend Katie knows this and the other day she challenged me to consider opening the door on that dream. I don’t know if she realized what she started but GREAT  GOOGLY MOOGLY! I am terrified.  I am making excuses. I am trying to talk my self out of it. I am not trusting God.

Uggggg! This must be something that I should investigate right? I don’t even know where to start. I have honestly never really like children’s curriculum so I don’t spend much time looking at it. I am so underqualified.  BUT isn’t that what faith is? I really must put more prayer to this.

Until another confession…


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