Lessons from the Gym

Confession…while last year was difficult to go through, I believe this year will be even more challenging and I’m excited and terrified all at once.

Every year I set goals for myself, and every year I achieve my goal. It is never in the idealistic fashion I imagine but I reach it.  Here, let me explain.

Last year my goal was to leave the year in better physical health and more physically fit than I entered the year.  To me this meant that at the beginning of 2012 I would be at my goal weight, completely toned, and rocking the outfits that have been waiting in my closet as I shed pounds.  Yeah, what happened was I am able to do more physically. My body is starting to show signs of movement towards a toned physique.  But I am not at my goal weight and I am not sporting the clothes that mock me from my closet. So I achieved my goal in a realistic fashion.

One thing I did learn during my time in the gym this year is that real change takes time. I used to go into the gym and watch the fit people walk around and hate them for being so fit. I know it’s wrong but you know you’ve done the same thing. What I realized is that they’ve been coming to the gym for years. They’ve been disciplining themselves for years while I’ve been sitting on my couch, eating very poorly, and choosing not to exercise my body. I can’t walk into the gym and expect that true change is going to happen in two weeks after I’ve been in training to do couch marathons for years. It’s just a fact of life.

The same thing is true in all of life. Discipline is required.

A good friend of ours suggested we move forward with our goal in mind.A goal? Do we have one of those? Wow! No we didn’t. We’ve been moving through our life with no clear goal defined. We’re doing some good things, but we have been without a defined goal. As we define our goal and move forward, we begin to realize that our goal starts to dictate what kind of movements we make next. As we calculate those next movements, we’re sensing that discipline is the theme for our year. That’s a good thing, but as I learned this year at the gym, it means doing the work when others are taking a break.

Until another confession…


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