With Everything

Confession…this has been one of the most difficult seasons of my grown up life. And believe me, there have been many. This year, it seems I will be required to say goodbye to  a man I have grown to love and admire. A man that I have known as a father will leave me and my family. Man, I thought growing up was hard but this is not what I planned for. I expected this moment would come much later. I expected this moment would come after my children had grown more and past more of their milestones. I thought he would be there to do the things he’s always done. I thought…

This will be the second time this year I face the loss of a loved one. It almost seems too much to go through in one year but my God is sovereign and knows what is too much and what is within His power to see me through.

This has been transpiring for the past 2 months and I realize this is a bit late to start processing this with you all but I was reminded tonight of a truth I had almost forgotten.  I won’t be too hard on myself, as it is easy to forget truth when you are faced with incredible pain. I almost forgot that I am not alone. I almost forgot that I do not bear this burden alone. I was reminded this week of the many shoulders that have come along beside me to walk with my family in faith. I was reminded of God’s precious love for me with the lives of those around me who call to check on me, who text to ask about me, who hug me to remind me that we will get through this, who love me and are patient with me.  How amazing God’s love is for me and how amazing He is to use those around me to demonstrate that love.

As I prepare for the regular Saturday service at Tucson Revolution I listen to a song that reminds me that my hope is not in this world but in a God who loves and cares for me. I desire to serve Him well in this season. I desire to serve Him With Everything. Lately, there are so many times each day that I want to sit down and quit. There are so many times in each day that I find myself asking how I am going to do all that is required of me. And each day, God gives me the strength. My favorite portion of the song is this:

Let hope rise, and darkness tremble in your holy light that every eye will see Jesus our God, great and mighty to be praised.

It is my prayer that hope will rise and the darkness of this world will tremble in the holy light of my God. I pray that as we move through the difficult parts of our life every eye will see that Jesus is our God and that He is great and mighty to be praised.

Until another confession…


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