Search Out The Gospel

Forgive me bloggers, it has been 6 weeks since my last confession.  Six weeks of craziness and insanity and great peace and joy.  My daily realization has been, for the past six weeks, that Jesus loves me.  The gospel.  My confession is that I have diminished the power of the gospel in my life.  I have belittled it and made it small and trivial.  I gloss over it to delve into deeper theological ideas.  When in reality, the gospel is the greatest theological idea one could ever hope to grasp.

I know that we all have things happen in our lives that seem like they will go on forever and ever, but the past six weeks have been one painfully comical struggle after another.  Not one area of my life has been untouched.  SERIOUSLY not one area of my life has been untouched.  Even as I compose this blog I find myself wanting to forget and ignore what has been going on.  I want to share it and still the element of pride lies at my feet and compels me to keep silent and find a corner in which to hide.  I want to give in with every fiber of my being…every fiber except one.  The fiber that has been infiltrated with the gospel.

Tomorrow is Good Friday.  Good Friday is a day I recall the death of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is no small task that He took on.  Any man who is willing to allow Himself to be beaten and eventually killed for the likes of me deserves some looking into.  What frustrates me is that the religious people of His day are the ones who killed Him.  I have been that religious person and I can honestly say, the religious are still trying to quiet or water down His message.  Many of those I know have been deeply wounded by religious folks.  I have done some of the wounding.  To those precious souls I implore you to seek out the gospel, I’d love to search with you, but push the religious folks aside and dive deeper into this amazing phenomenon called the gospel.

My church is called Tucson Revolution and we love people.  Broken people, hurting people, people who think they have it all together…we love them all.  We don’t always know what to do with some of them, but we are committed to trying to learn.  I invite you to my church, we’ll be meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 for our Good Friday service.  Click here for more details.  We meet on Saturday nights at two different times for our weekly services.  Join us for our Easter service on Saturday night.  Click here for more details.  I honestly don’t care where you go but go and find out about the gospel story somewhere.  I’d love to talk with you if you have questions.  This gospel concept is so amazing.  One man dying, so that I can have the right to be in relationship with God.  One man dying to make it possible for me to live a life that isn’t obligated to sin.  That’s a really good story isn’t it?

If you’re interested in a brief article on Gospel vs. Religion click here.

Until another confession…


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