The Perpetual Food Resolution…anyone else making it?

Confession for the day: I LOVE FOOD! Not in the way most people love food, but in a way that occupies my mind all day long.  Anyone else have the same relationship with food?  You think about it when you wake up.  You think about the next meal after you’ve finished breakfast.  You wonder what new and wonderful ways you can prepare your favorite recipe.  You get angry at  people who hold their forks mid-sentence with food on it and talk for what seems like  hours before the put the FORK IN THEIR MOUTHS! Yes, I realize I have a bit of a problem.  I’m working on it, but I felt that since we’re all making New Year’s Resolutions I’d find some comrades in my perpetual food resolution.  I’m starting to think that the problem lies much deeper than the chocolate covered, almond sprinkled, milky flavored exterior.  Just wanted to share that confession for the day.

Until the next confession…


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