A29 BC Pt. 3

Matt Carter…I have to be honest and say I haven’t heard much about him.  But this guy was a dynamic speaker.  He came at the end of day one.  I was up early that day, was tired, and ready to be done when this guy walked onto the stage and just unleashed enthusiasm and encouragement.  He is the pastor of Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas so his accent was fun to listen to. And then to have the truth and encouragement on top of that…it was fun.

I had one major take away from this talk.  If you love your mission more than you love your Savior, your Savior will have no part of your mission. I have felt as though J and I have been searching for our mission in this world as individuals and as a family so this was a poignant idea for me personally.  My focus isn’t to find my mission, my focus is to find my Savior.  As I fall more in love with my Savior my mission will become clear.

Here are some points he made that stuck in my mind.

  • This next generation is not hardwired for sitting still and letting someone else do the work,  they’re asking “When do we get to fight?”.
  • How do we empower them to experience fulfillment of their purpose?
  • More people in the church doesn’t change a city, sending people out might.

My vision of my life has been small.  I realize that now.  I serve a big God and He is doing some cool stuff.  If I limit Him in my life I’ll miss out on what He’s doing.  I don’t want to miss out on that.



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