Acts 29 Bootcamp Processing

We went to the Acts 29 Bootcamp last week and I am still reeling with information that I’ve yet to process.  This “Bootcamp” was a means of training pastors and church leaders.  If you’re curious about the Acts 29 network click the link above.

I process better when I write so my next posts will be a written processing of my written and mental notes.  If that made any sense at all, we should be friends.

Darrin Patrick was the first speaker of the event.  I had heard the name before, but have never really heard him speak or have read any of his writings. His recent books are Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission and A Church for the City with Matt Carter, who also spoke at the conference.

The message was titled Leadership and the Surge.  I had two take aways from this message but my biggest take away from this conference was God’s story is one of redemption.   I am not the main character,  I am a scene in God’s great story. I’m a small part of the whole He is doing. It is His party and I’m invited.  I must keep my eyes focused on God. We were encouraged not to be more in love with the mission than we are with our Savior.

The second take away was that I should work FROM His acceptance of me and not FOR his acceptance of me.  I am already loved by God.  I didn’t have to do anything to get that love.  I didn’t have to earn it.  I didn’t have to jump through hoops.  I already have it.  So, my motivation should stem from that knowledge.

I did think the next couple of comments were interesting and important to remember when you’re in ANY position where you lead.

  • Leading alone will kill you, get HELP.
  • If you can do something besides leading…do that instead. Unless you feel you must absolutely lead.
  • As a good leader you should empower people to lead.
  • People will join your team if your vision is great, but people will stay if your character is in tact.

My thoughts, after that message, centered on how often I work to get God’s love.  I want to be a good woman, so He’ll love me.  I want to be a good wife, so He’ll be proud of me.  I want to be a good mother, so He’ll give me a reward.  My efforts out of that motivation are typically flat.  There is no substance to them.  I’ve felt that for a while now.  I’ve asked for clarity and boy I sure got it last week.  I’m loved by a great God so I ought to be motivated to behave as though I am loved.  Instead I behave as a puppy would behave trying to get the master to give food, attention, or affection.  Cowering, apprehensive, and timid.  It shows in my interactions with everyone I come into contact with.  I often feel as though I am pleading with them to give me their stamp of approval.  Please love me, please tell me I’m good enough, please affirm me with your time and attention.  Why would I need that if I’ve already received it from a God who I believe is bigger than the universe and able to control every single atom and molecule? It has hit me so intensely I find myself rethinking every aspect of my life.  It’s a little overwhelming, so I’m just tackling one aspect at a time.  Whew! I’m done.


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