The Children Need Jesus

I heard an interesting concept the other day and I’ve been mulling it over in my overactive brain.  Here’s the concept:

When parenting we often teach behavior modification without even realizing it.   You’re doing this…stop doing that.  You’re not doing this…start doing it. We teach our kids to modify their behavior and never address the issue of regenerating their heart.  What if they can’t do what is right?  What if the only way they can do what is right is by having Jesus help them.

It’s a big concept I know, but I’ve been talking with DadGod asking Him how this fits into our parenting.  It changes the way I look at their disobedience.  It changes the way I address their disobedience.  Unless I teach them that they need Jesus to help them do the right thing I might be asking them to do something even adults have a hard time doing…making the right choice in a difficult situation.  As I look through that lens, it changes how I correct them.  I’m starting to see a softening of their hearts.  It’s still a concept I’m praying about, but I’d love to hear any thoughts.  Be kind please.


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