Defend the Gospel? How?

If you’re reading to find an answer, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  I don’t have one.  Mere ponderings will be found here.  Today’s quiet time question has  got me thinking. Where in your life is God calling you to stand up and defend the Gospel? I heard this question and automatically had images of the guy who stands on the corner and hold a sign that tells me I’m a sinner and I need to repent.  Or the guy who yells at me thought a loudspeaker while I’m trying to get into the state fair.  Or the lady who eavesdrops on my conversation with the gal next to me and pounces on the opportunity to tell me that what I need to do is go to church and pray more.  I’m absolutely positive that isn’t what the Pastor Man had in mind, but that is what comes to MY mind when I think of defending the Gospel.  If that’s not what he’s talking about, then what does he mean?  What does it look like to defend the Gospel with this new understanding of God? How does a regenerated heart defend the Gospel?  I don’t want to force my God on anyone, that isn’t His way and so I refuse to represent Him in that manner.  This is going to change the way I interact with my world.  I’m both nervous and excited.


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