No Other gods

Last night at Revolution, the pastor man (sorry Paul it will always be pastor man to me) spoke of gods who occupy space in our hearts.  He suggested, and he’s probably right, that those gods keep us from fulfilling the mission and plans God has for us.  No one likes their gods messed with, so I didn’t much care for the message.

A god is something that, as the pastor man defines it, occupies your thoughts, your actions, your decision making, your life.  It’s what you think about when you get up, it’s the last thing that runs through your mind before sleep claims your body.  If you lost that thing, your life would be over.  Pastor Man! Why do you tell me this?  I am now responsible for this information.  The little game that I had been playing with God has come to a screeching halt. I must now face my god and call it what it is…a god that has taken the place of God.  It’s a good thing.  I’ve been asking God to help me get rid of this God, and now He has given me my answer.  I could pretend I don’t know what to do.  I could pretend that I can’t do what He’s asking, but then I would be lying to myself.  I can’t have that now, can I?  God’s messed up my life.  I asked Him to change my heart and He has.  Darn Him! Giving me what I ask for?  What is He thinking?  I also asked to be tall, skinny and beautiful.  I didn’t get my answer to that one!  All kidding aside.  Little g gods are nice and all, but I’m done with the guilt and regret.  I need it to be gone and God is the only one who can help with that.  So here goes.  Let’s see what happens next.


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